BOYS OF YOGA is a project created in 2015 by Michael James Wong, a London-based teacher, Los Angeles native and yogi that aims to smash the stereotypes and misconceptions of guys who yoga. BOYS isn't about the individual, it's about the intention. Like any community in any culture, sport or community, it's the bigger the picture that counts, the purpose of the like-minded.

The movement first started with few guys from London, who lead the way to help spread the awareness of the project around the world, they were each inspiring yogi's in their own way. And from there it spread. From all corners of the world, more and more BOYS are joining to help share and spread the message in their own way. The project isn't about a certain style of yoga, a certain kind of guy or the ability to do a handstand.......BOYS OF YOGA is about something more. 

Yoga, is gives you benefits that better your life; physically, mentally, holistically... and for most guys, this serves them best off the yoga mat, not on it. 

BOYS OF YOGA is ever growing brotherhood of guys from around the world who are passionate, dedicated and positive role models each in their own ways, willing to share their stories, to lead by example who are living their yoga. As the project rolls on, there isn't a master plan or a road map to follow, it's simply a way to share something positive out into the real world, in a way that is real. With nothing sugar coated. 

BOYS OF YOGA is a project of awareness, community & connection. Each and every story shared is an inspiring guy, teacher or influential yogi from somewhere in the world, who has stepped in to share their story to help create awarenss, accessibility and inspiration to the benefits of yoga.

We thank with gratitude all the BOYS who have been involved past & present for helping to bring more men to the mat and into the practice.

Wanna get involved & share your story? Hit us up