MAY 14th, 2016

Melbourne was stop three on the Wanderlust 108 Australia & NZ Rour and after a 2 week tour break back in London, I was back in Melbourne, fresh & ready to keep the party going with the BOYS.

Now if you don't know already, Melbourne is hands down the best place for brunch in the world, and the coffee is out of this world (yes we drink coffee). 
Not only is it the culture capital of Australia with art, music & graffiti on every street corner and laneway, the yoga’s pretty good too. So I had pretty high hopes that this was going to be an epic adventure!

And it did not disappoint...

Written by: MJ

Arriving back into Melbourne fresh off the plane from London, we were thrust straight into the thick of it with only 24hrs before the festival and a new crew to rock the festival with me.

Anwar, Josh, Jonni & Benny were back again for Melbourne with the new addition of local yoga legend Dustin, getting involved for the Melbourne stop. From the moment we arrived the vibe felt just right. We cruised the city taking in the sights and coffee smells. This place knows how to roast a bean!

As the festival rolled around the next morning, everyone was pumped and ready to roll with almost 3,000 yogi’s showing up ready to run, move and sit with us throughout the day and it was nothing short of EPIC. I guess you don’t often think of a yoga class as the kick-ass rocking party festival worth going to on a Saturday afternoon, but holy f*cking shit did Melbourne show up! It was an awesome day.

Dusty (owner of Warrior One Yoga) shared the stage with me and the BOYS as the newly initiated and brought the good vibes to the crowd.  Did I mention that we had the Sweet Mix Kids with us rockin' the DJ set? We didn't want the party to end, we could have gone all night!

This stop was amazing, there was so much positive energy in the air, the 1 Giant Mind crew was out in force sharing the all the goodness of a daily meditation practice (if you don't know about this  app, you do now! GET ON IT!)

After the festival we were lucky enough to be invited to stay in town for a week and be hosted by some of the coolest local Yogis so have had quite a lot of time to sit, drink, eat & practice. I can now see why so many people love living in Melbourne and why it’s considered one of the best places to live in the world. Did I mention that everyone finishes work at 5pm everyday? Need I go on.

Melbourne we love you, until we meet again...

Did I mention we made the news?!?!?


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Good Eats
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f#BOYSONTOUR: MJ, Dusty, Anwar, Benny, Josh, Jonni
Written by: MJ
Date: MAY 14TH, 2016

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