April 16th, 2016 /// Written by: MJ

Australia is one of those countries where EVERYONE is beautiful, inside and out, so we were stoked when BOYS OF YOGA was lucky enough to be invited for a down under adventure on the 2016 Australia & New Zealand Wanderlust 108 Tour. 
It’s a pretty mega deal to hang with the Wanderlust crew, so we wanted to make sure we put on a good show, and pulled together an awesome crew for the tour.

It's a 4 stop tour... let the good times begin!

Written by: MJ

Hello Bondi Beach, you bunch of beautiful people!
Here’s how it went in a nutshell…

-       Get on a plane from London and fly to LA for ten long hours
-       Pick up our BOY Anwar from Los Angeles (should have stopped at In N’ Out but didn’t, still regretting this)
-       Stop for dinner at my mum’s house and have a beer with the old man
-       Get back on the plane for another ten hours to the land of kangaroos and Hugh Jackman
-       Arrive in Bondi Beach to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, 80 degree (24C) weather and a ‘no-shoes’ policy around town
-       Stand there saying to myself, sh*t, we must be dreaming

Now if you haven’t had the chance to visit Bondi, Beach it’s a small little beach suburb on the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. You could literally point your camera in any direction and get the perfect post card view. It smells like the beach everywhere you go, with café and pressed juice spots and coffee shops at every turn. The locals are friendly and everyone is pretty much down for a chat and a wander. There are no shortage of smiles and high-fives being passed around the streets.

In the short amount of time that we spent in town, we had a chance to practice at some of the most awesome yoga studios, brunch like boss and get connected with so many of the coolest yogi’s we’ve ever met.

On festival day, the event was set up right on the beach (literally) with all the yogi’s practicing on the sand with the beautiful blue waves almost touching the back of their mats. It was nothing short of mind-blowing. The class was taught by me (@michaeljameswong), Anwar, Benny, Johnny & honorary BOY for the day Honza Lafond from @yogabeyond. We rocked our POWER POSES from start to finished an showed Bondi Beach how powerful it was when people came together to connect in a positive and mindful way. 

With over 2,500 people moving, flowing and breathing together, the BOYS guided Sydney siders through a flow which ended with a beautiful meditation session as one giant community with our BOY Jonni P. 

I’m continually grateful to keep sharing this project with the world and always excited at the places I end up! The pictures say everything.

Let’s keep the good vibes going!
Where too next on the tour?  

Make sure you check out Wanderlust.com for future events & festivals


Here’s our picks and tips for Bondi & Sydney studios & places to eat ........... (as picked by our local BOY Benny)

A bit of Yoga
-       Power Living 
-       Body Mind Life
-       Body Flow
-       In Yoga
-       Humming Puppies 

Good Eats
-       Shuk 
-       Trio 
-       Lock Stock & Barrel 
-       Porch & Parlour
-       Harry 

Best place to stay

Bondi Yoga House

 #BOYSONTOUR: MJ, Anwar, Benny, Josh, Jonni, Adam, Johnny
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Date: April 16th, 2016